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LaQuentin"LyricalForte" Ragland is not just another spoken word artist--he's a prevention specialist as well as an advocate of words of wisdom and a conduit for the spirit of inspiration. He is dedicated to empowering and breathing life into the younger generation using his talent in the spoken word art form by addressing issues such as suicide, substance/alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and low self-esteem in teens and young adults in our communities. He takes his mission seriously by also working hands-on with youth through community programs and workshops. An active listener will take heed to his words that sound like a siren calling for an awareness of the issues in our communities, but stimulate proactive initiatives to heal them.

LAQUENTIN “LYRICAL FORTE” RAGLAND At just the young age of 26, LaQuentin “ LyricalForte” Ragland has found his purpose in life. Through the talent of spoken word, he delivers powerful messages of overcoming, encouragement and knowing your worth.

 LyricalForte is a name that Ragland came up with during his early college years. The name is a representation of his desire to be the voice of those who have no voice. He is a storyteller and a man on a mission to do the will of God. Jeremiah 29:11 stands as a banner over his ministry as he continues to take every opportunity afforded to speak a word. 

Ragland became intrigued by the art of spoken word during his high school years. It was during this time that he began community service at the Boys&Girls Club of Northeast Alabama and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD). This provided him with an opportunity to speak with the youth about different issues. 

 “Find your purpose in life, then your passions will give you power.” 
 This is the quote that resonates in Ragland’s head and heart. Mrs. Joy Ballenger gave Ragland an enevelope with this quote inside and wished him well on all of his future endeavors. Not a day goes by that Ragland doesn’t think on this and ponders about the things that he can do to spread his message to the many more that need to hear it. 

The first time he ever graced the stage may have been a memory that some would choose to forget, but for Ragland it was a sign of things yet to come. 

He recalls making the decision to perform at an open mic night during his first college semester. It was 45 minutes into the show when Ragland signed up to speak. He had never performed poetry before and on top of that there was a crowd of 700 people waiting for his debut. The host pronounced his name wrong and he was thrown off track. Next, he tripped as he walked up the stairs and the audience began to roar with laughter. Yet, even after all of this, Ragland felt comfortable being on that stage. He began to speak and the audience fell silent, captivated by his words. He finished and the audience gave him a standing ovation in return for sharing his gift. He had found his purpose. 

The spirit of God overflows from Ragland from the first time you ever cross his path. In today’s society, humbleness is a trait that seems to be slim to none, but Ragland embodies this trait indefinitely. His work is not to please man, but to give glory to the Father by sharing his talents with man. 

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