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First & foremost, I would like to thank you for stopping by my website. I truly appreciate all the support. Let me tell you a lil' about myself... My name is LaQuentin "LyricalForte" Ragland. I am from Gadsden, Al. I am majoring in Psychology at Jacksonville State University.


I love chillin' wit the fam and friends, traveling everywhere (my favorite place to go is NYC!!!), meeting new ppl, public speaking, community service and outreach, listening and making music, writing songs and poetry, producing videos, dancing, acting, (believe it or not) Civil War Re-Acting, and the list goes on.


During my last couple of years in high school, I became intrigued with public speaking, spoken word poetry, and community service. I began speaking in my community about different issues and organizations with the Boy's and Girl's Clubs of Northeast Alabama and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) Organization. Find your purpose in life, then your passions will give you power.” This quote has been imbedded in my heart for the past three years. I learned this quote after my first interview process for the Boys & Girls Club of Northeast AL Youth of the Year Award. A lady by the name of Mrs. Joy Ballenger, one of the award judges, gave me an envelope with the quote and wished me well on my future endeavors. During the interview process, she asked me what were my passions in life. I believe I answered the question correctly. However, I knew that I could have been more precise, decisive, and in depth. There has not been a day that goes by that I do not think about this quote. It was my Junior year in High School and my senior year was quickly approaching. It has helped me to find my passions as well as my purposes in life.


From public speaking, I began to have an interest in spoken word and slam poetry. During my first semester in college, I took an opportunity to perform at Open Mic Night. This was a first for so many things. I never had performed poetry. I never performed to a crowd that exceeded 700 people. I decided to sign up after 45 minutes of the event starting. I knew if other people could get up there and make a complete fool of themselves, I could not do any worse. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. The Auditorium was packed out by the time my name was called. Standing room only! The MC pronounced my first name wrong and I was thrown off track. As I proceeded up the steps, I tripped. The audience began to roar with laughter. The crazy part was that I became more comfortable after this. What else could possibly go wrong? As soon as I started talking, the laughter died. I had the audience's attention the whole time. I was able to feed off the audience the entire time. It was the best feeling that I have ever had while ending with a standing ovation. Did I mention that I never wrote this 4 minute piece down on paper? To this day, I memorize this piece.

I continue to do public speaking and perform at any given opportunity. It is truly a humbling feeling. I talk about issues that are dear to me as well as to others. I find myself being a storyteller for others who have no voice. My purpose is to make my dreams bigger than dreams, and make them reality by all mean. I know that God has some big things planned for me beyond all expectation and things I can't even think of. Again, thanks for the support. Click the Contact/Tickets and Reservation Banner for information or to book me to speak or perform.

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