One Common Purpose

Posted by LyricalForte on October 6, 2011 at 10:00 PM

I’m sorry that I won’t give a sob story about me being in a typical African American single parent home. I’m sorry that I won’t mention how many times I’ve caught people’s attention just because they question my light skinned bright skinned tone. I’m sorry that I refuse to choose being another African American Statistic. I’m sorry for when people question my success and I become ballistic. I’m so sorry that it didn’t bother me to be the only minority with the majority. I’m sorry I have a clean rap sheet. I have no problems with the authority. I’m sorry that I don’t give in to fit in. I know that some people are hearing me, but if only people would just listen. You have this person and that person that think they winning when in all actuality, we’re all losing. You see it’s so easy to talk about the problems, but where are the solutions? See my solution for being categorized as just another minority race Is to forget about checking African American, Asian, White, Other, but put the Human race in its place. We have become so divided over so many things. Yet society tries to hide it and says it’s not as bad as it may seem. We forget the King’s dream. Yes, some things have become reality. But yet and still we face brutality and causalities. Many people have lost their lives striving for social justice. Which brings me to the overall solution; bringing everyone together for one common purpose.

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